Zachari Smith 

(Sound Design)

For the past 12 years, Zachari Smith has been engaging the music industry from varied twists, turns, and angles: in music creation, production and performance to contract negotiation and general artist management. As a second generation musician, Zachari has spent many years on the stage, regularly touring Canada, the US, and Europe as a solo musician and accompanying instrumentalist. In 2012, Zachari co-founded Lake Studios—where he has since produced, recorded, mix and mastered nearly 100 albums for independent artists. In 2015, he founded Acre Alley, crafting a record label and management company that deeply understands what it’s like to be a musician in the current social, artistic, and economic climate. 

In sound design, Zachari uses his skills as a multi-instrumentalist and producer to create textural soundscapes and supportive sonic structures that draw audiences into the story.