The Tropic of X

 JaN. 29 – Feb. 8, 2020 


“No one can stop me, cause I still got my tongue.”

The Setting 
In the polyglot Americas, leaning south: 
a market of video arcades, old and new drugs, 
Nescafé internet cafes, swift-changing political regimes, 
Fluctuating currency, cheap sex for the tourist trade, 
ex-bullrings turned into discos and hotels, white cars and bright 
blue houses with peeling paint, fresh murals on ruined walls, 
and a view of the limitless, dirty sea. 
-Caridad Svich

Tropic of X, by Latinx playwright Caridad Svich, is the story of Maura and Mori, two street kid lovers and arcade freaks who live in a touristed wasteland at the end of the alphabet. Maura and Mauri’s love is mythic quicksilver hope, a medicine for the toxicity of a cruel and unrelenting world.

Maura and Mori, together with their friend Kiki, take refuge: in each other, in taunting tourists, in the next distraction, and in the chase of a consumerist dream, a numbing high, as they rage, seduce, and barter to survive the roaring tides of a place on the edge of collapse.

Praise for The Tropic of X

“Amid the grime and slime of this cruel tomorrow, the old human impulse toward love and union can still break through, bringing with it the faintest tint of hope”. – Baltimore Sun

“fluid poetry in motion” – DC Metro, Theatre Arts

“A dark subverted romance.”-WYPR

Praise for Caridad Svich:

“Caridad weaves an alchemical combination of intellect, heart, and sensuality powerful enough to crack open the suffocating shell that builds up from the daily repetitions of life.”
-Kevin Lawler

Recipient of an OBIE Award for Lifetime Achievement
Recipient of American Theatre Critics Association
Primus Prize

Short-listed 4 times for the PEN Award in Drama 
Recipient of the National Latino Playwriting Award


$20 for preview performances on Jan. 29 & 30

$25 for adults

$20 for students/artists and seniors

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Single tickets will be on sale through the Centaur Box Office in November, 2019.

To book a group of 10+ contact or call us at 514-274-3222 starting in August, 2019.

Jan. 28 - Feb. 8, 2020

Jan 29 and 30- Previews- 7:30pm

Jan 31 - Opening Night-@7:30pm

Feb 1 - 3pm and 7:30pm

Feb 2 - 3pm

Feb 5 - 7:30pm

Feb 6 - 7:30pm

Feb 7 - 7:30pm

Feb 8 - 3pm and 7:30 pm

The performances will take place at
Centaur Theatre
453 St Francois Xavier St
Montreal, QC H2Y 2T1


Arlen Aguayo Stewart
Eric Davis
Braulio Elicer
Gitanjali Jain
Victor Andres Trelles Turgeon

the creative team

Sophie Gee, Director
Eo Sharp, Set and Costume Designer
Sonoyo Nishikawa, Lighting Designer
Mariano Franco, Sound Designer
Isabel Faia, Stage Manager
Danna-Rae Evasiuk, Assistant Stage Manager


Trigger Warnings

Imago believes strongly in the audience member’s experience and in the opportunity to be moved, transformed, and surprised by the stories they see on stage. To that end, when publicizing our works, we want to avoid giving away the plot points and twists that may create those very experiences. That said, we are sensitive to the fact that there are some themes and events that may cause particular distress to some of our audience members. If there are certain topics, or production elements such as lighting techniques or allergies, that you are aware may cause you distress or compromise your health  and you would like to speak to an Imago Theatre team member to find out more about a show before you book, you can call the office at 514-274-3222 or e-mail us at